Recyclez dans les bureaux


  • Stations for voluntary sorting

    Figures show that voluntary participation is one of the most economical and effective solutions for collecting your waste.

    Every product we’ve made — and we mean every single one — was built on the same belief. That a recycling bin should be more than a bin. That, above all, our products are simple, attractive and easy to use.

    Result : a better recycling close to 100%, up to 22% decrease of the waste management costs.

    Choose from 15 recycling stations to create centralized sorting areas that are totally adapted to your needs. Personalise the stations with your corporate colours and messages for greater impact with your employees. Guaranteed to impress and get results!

  • Bins for offices

    Our customers can attest to the fac that Greenoffice bins really do encourage sorting.

    This success is due not only to their unique design or attractive colours, but also because most cleaning and collection companies recommend them for their ease of use and efficiency in the quality of sorting. Over 20 colours available.

  • Specific collectors

    Confidential paper collectors
    Greenoffice has specific collectors to protect your confidential data. These locked containers are reserved for paper containing sensitive data.

    Once documents have been sorted, protected and collected separately, they can be sent for faster destruction, to protect your data. This lets you destroy all of these papers in a single spot, reserved for this purpose, using a paper shredder, for example.

    Battery & ink cartridge collectors
    We also offer battery and ink cartridge collectors, and a CD collector to ensure you can collect and sort all types of corporate waste.
    These collectors have separate battery and ink cartridge compartments for easy sorting and collection.

    Their thoughtful and efficient design guarantees high collection yield.
    Most are transparent, making them easily recognisable and easy to identify.

    Sanitary bins
    Because sorting doesn’t stop at the restroom door, we also offer solutions suitable for company restrooms. Choose large capacity paper towel collectors or sanitary bins to best meet the needs of these sensitive areas.

    Designed to limit the propagation of germs and odours, some of these special sanitary bins also help limit the propagation of certain viruses.

  • 60 to 100-litre collectors

    At a time when waste collection and recycling are top of mind, it is important to have collectors at your company that will meet new recycling and sustainable development needs.

    Waste collectors are ideal trash bins for your company. With capacities of up to 100 litres, they can contain large quantities of waste in a single location, thereby reducing the need for many waste paper baskets. Elegant and well designed, these collectors blend in with any décor and are suitable for any type of common company waste.

Recycle your office waste

At Greenoffice, we believe that a recycling bin should be more than a bin!
Our products are more attractive, convenient and easy to handle.
This is why we had to reinvent every detail as being part of a new process, a new corporate culture or a new working space environment.
As a result, our selective sorting products are unique.
Result: almost 100% selective sorting quality and up to a 20% decrease in waste management costs.